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Indexing software for historical societies

Heritage V is a computer program developed to meet the needs of Historical Societies, Resource Centres, family historians and others wishing to have instant access to the content of a collection of records or items.

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Heritage V is a WINDOWS program which runs using Windows 98 onwards, and on Macintosh computers which support Windows XP. It is therefore possible to set up an efficient computer based retrieval system using low cost or donated equipment. Data format is fully compatible – in both directions with previous versions of the Heritage program.

As the program does not involve the use of data-base fields, and the consequent need for decision making, data can be entered by anyone with minimal typing skills.

The program is suitable for the indexing of photographic collections, school and cemetery records, the indexing of oral history transcripts, newspaper indexing and general record keeping such as an enquirers index.

It has also been used for cataloguing a small library where the Dewey system was not practical. Instant access to photos is now supported.

Searches are extremely fast and accurate on the computer. Any word or group of words can be entered and any record containing them will be displayed with the searchword(s) highlighted.

Searching on part of a word can be useful if prefixes are unknown Eg entering ntosh will locate MacIntosh, Macintosh, McIntosh, M’Intosh.

An additional feature is the program’s ability to print 3” x 5” cards which may be useful for library use.

Records can also be printed in a wider caption style on plain paper.

This is a very useful feature for display photographs as the information is already ‘in the system’ and does not need to be re-typed.

Records can easily be transferred to Microsoft Word for further editing, changing fonts, etc.

Records can easily be added to or edited when the need arises and the programme incorporates a number of file handling routines such as easy backup of data  onto floppy disks.

For large structured indexing tasks, eg. school attendance rolls or cemetery records, templates can be set up with headings which automatically come up on each new record, and the unique data is simply filled in.

This feature is also extremely useful when working from a single source, eg. the indexing of a large local government minute book. A template entry describing the book can be made to appear automatically on each record. Repetitive typing of this information is therefore eliminated.

The program has been purchased by many groups in Victoria and interstate who report that it is very effective and simple to use.

The cost of the program including an easy-to-follow manual is $90, with $5 postage and packing.  If collected from the Resource Centre in Woodend (Court House, Forest Street) the cost is $90.

Those who have already purchased earlier versions of the Heritage program, may upgrade to Heritage V for $25.00 plus $5.00 package and postage.

All proceeds from the sale of Heritage V go towards the development of the Resource Centre operated by the Woodend & District Heritage Society.

Feed back from users is encouraged and where possible, new features are incorporated to meet new demands. Purchasers can obtain updates as they are produced and free phone advice at any time.

New features of Heritage V

  • Files are created with records in normal card size or in A4-width size – exactly as in previous versions.
  • Windows standard interface for simplified file and menu selection.
  • Photos can  be associated with any record, and are instantly available on the screen with a mouse-click.
  • Ability to go back to review records in search mode and to have a full replay of records found during a search.
  • Improved editing, with full Windows Cut, Copy and Paste facilities supported.
  • When searching, the number of hits found is displayed before any found records are accessed.
  • Records can be directly copied to a file which can be read by any word processing package – for use in correspondence, labelling, displays etc.
  • Improved and faster data entry when using templates.
  • Extensive file handling facilities, including the popular “Make Backup” facility.

Note: Heritage V is totally compatible with all earlier versions. There is no need to re-enter your records. Simply follow the installation instruction included with disk.

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